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Bucketlist Item

One of my really close friends and I decided to start the new year right and donated blood. It’s super exciting, and honestly why not do it with your closest pal? Unfortunately my friend came down with a wicked “knock-me-out” sick which forced her to make the last minute decision to opt-out of this donating … Continue reading


Short Wrap-Up of 2014

Although, I’ve been rather busy, I thought many times to just shut down this blog and continue with my other projects: Black ‘n Write Reviews, work, school, life. For some unknown reason, I still haven’t done it. I’ve lost my lust for generic day-to-day blogging. I’ve been doing this for far too long (early teens) … Continue reading


Happy New Year

Alas, my good friends, it is now 2K14 and what do we do when that happens? Well, we usually plan for something that most people ultimately fail at the end. Constantly playing that same game over, and over, and over again. The cycle is evil and hopefully this year I won’t fall into that rut … Continue reading