Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog. A stepping stone into a newer me, a new year and a new way of jotting about my life on a modest scale. Alas, this is not my first blog and it will probably not be my last. But this is the new blog demonstrating that I am ready to move on from my past; demonstrating a higher level of maturity. To recap what exactly my last post was about on my old BlackenedLips blog:

– It’s was posted at the beginning of the 2010 New Year with update of my resolutions, which I did successfully accomplish– or at least one of them. I managed to obtain my license, which was a big thing for me– now to get the car.

Let us discuss something. I love fashion but can’t dress myself and that being said I will have a tendency of posting products that I fell in love with (mostly for future reference). I also enjoy window shopping and thinking what I could potentially do with some of the products if I had bought them.

Links, lists and other oddities will be contained within this online journal along with potentially great ideas that I may use in the future.

Who am I?

My pen name is Mnemosyne. Who might your ask is this? The Goddess of memory. She is also the mother of the 9 muses. Realistically, I am a 2nd year library student who enjoys being creative. I live in Canada and believe that’s all there is to say about my whereabouts. I come from a middle-class family and have been known for being different.

I am trying find/understand myself. I have been studying (out of school) a new path of righteousness, that will help me understand a missing link in my upbringing. Let’s put it this way, I will not push my beliefs unto you, but be aware that there will be posts so that I may understand what I have read.

I will try to update weekly, monthly, whenever I can actually. I do not expect any comments but if you do, that would be great. Comment on something, suggest something, show me a music video you think I might enjoy, just keep me happy by visiting!

I look forward to keeping you entertained with my random sets of everything. My life has a tendency of getting overwhelming and I hope you can see the humor in some of the things I do as I encounter the slew of people in my day-to-day life; of Mnemosyne.

Little about my likes, dislikes and rants and raves: things of what to expect when you are reading about the muses of my articles. I like being eco-friendly, I love reading (I’m a library student, what do you expect?), I have hobbies– that I’ve never started, I love art and doodling and photography. I like movies. Music. A collecting magazines (or at least you would think with the large amount I own), I have a Bamboo plant; it’s awesome! I’m in a relationship– have been for a year!

Otherwise there is not too much to write about myself.

Be safe & ☮



2 thoughts on “Hello world!

    • They are beautiful! And I think one could almost get away with wearing them during the winter with the grips on those soles haha

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