Little Bit More About Me

After over a month of focusing on my studies I have finally had a chance to play on my Wii. Actually, I mean workout. According to my Wii Fit, I need to weigh 59.9kg, I’m at 89.1, so still quite a ways to go. But I’m slowly getting to that goal, however my goal was a little less than 50+kg. I’m really excited about the slow weight loss that I’ve been going through.

On other notes.

School-wise; one more class tomorrow, although I don’t intend on attending. I’m just going to drop off my final assignment and head home to enjoy a bit of tranquility before final exams of the semester. Fortunately, I don’t work on Friday, but we do have a huge sale going on on Saturday from 5 until close. Therefore, they decided to schedule me from 5 until midnight. (Thanks for letting me know, Boss Lady)

Oh well, what can you do? I’ve been benefiting full-throttle over-time and taking extra hours whenever they needed me. Since the last big sale event I pulled two separate shifts in one day; they just don’t want me to do it again.

Wow.. I'd think I'd like to wear this 🙂

Alright, being the slight eco-freak that I am. I can easily say that I love buying stuff that had already been purchased by somebody else. So you know ebay, etsy, etc. I also reuse old paper that has a blank side as scrap paper to use for my note taking in class. I’ll wind up having notes on white, blue, yellow, pink paper, but it’s fun and at least I’m making my little effort on the environment.

Okay.. I’m done. I think… Yea, I think I’m done for tonight.

Bless to all & ☮



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