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Don’t you love it when you can walk into a store and pretty much be able to pick anything off the rack and it’ll actually fit you?

Yea, let’s put it this way, 3-4 years ago I would walk into a store and might be lucky if the biggest shirt on their shelf would fit me. Now with persistence and a lot of plateaus I’ve finally managed to lose enough weight that I am officially smaller than what I was when I was in junior high. Personal celebration time? I think so.

This is definitely a great personal achievement for me. And to make things even better, I’m still losing. Now please, don’t take this as post all about bragging. I’ve just been working so hard.

Here’s a couple of tips that I could recommend to anybody who’s in a weight loss rut:

  • Find a workout buddy.If you don’t like going to the gym alone; I managed to get a great coworker/ friend who was in the same rut as I was and we managed to form an agreement to annoy each other enough that we had no choice but to go to the gym.  Great thing about it is we motivated each other. We tried to go as often as possible, but even if you aren’t a gym-goer  and like doing activities outside, find somebody who likes doing the same things or convince somebody who’s never done them before that it’d be fun!
  • Drink plenty of H2O. Yes, I will advocate that this works as it helps clean the toxins out of your system. Here’s a little math I found that will get you your approximate amount of water. I drink mine from an 18oz stainless steel bottle. Therefore this math will include the size of my bottle.
    [your weight] / 2 = [x] / [#oz for one bottle/glass] = # of glasses/bottles you need per day
    ex: 196 /2 = 98 / 18oz = 5.4 bottles.
    There you have it! Some pretty easy math.
  • Avoid carrying your wallet or credit/debit cards when you’re going to and from. That way you aren’t tempted to stop at the gas station or Tim Horton’s.

Alright, so I get email updates from this great website called Dr Jay’s. Today their having a footwear sale 25% off if you have a code (I’ll give to you 😉 ) Shoes25 If I were you I’d totally check it out!

Okay so this post has being going on long enough. I’m going to leave now.

☮ & ♥


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