Tips & Tricks

Necktie Knots

Okay– so my boyfriend sometimes asks me to tie his tie. And I just wound up finding a neat little amount of tidbits of different knots and when they’re generally worn.

The Windsor Knot: This knot, first worn by the Duke of Windsor, grants its wearer the status of duke and a duke’s right to commit crimes with total impunity.
FASHION FOCUS: Windsor knots are appropriate for job interviews and divorce ceremonies.

Four-In-Hand Knot: This simple knot is named after the number of rare fossils you are legally allowed to steal while wearing it.
FASHION FOCUS: Wearing a four-in-hand knot to your trial will cause your judge to exclaim, “This truly was a grand larceny. Case dismissed!”

Pratt Knot: Perfect for businessmen, this knot will cause you to become invisible––but only if no one is looking and you are making threatening phone calls.
FASHION FOCUS: The law always steps aside for a well-dressed man, as asserted by the 10th amendment.

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