Another Day of Classes

Man… I’m getting tired of having to rewrite posts. I’m going to have to actually start typing things up in a different word processor before posting here {just in case}

Alright, so today was a real bummer of running around from one end of school to the other because I kept forgetting things, but my last class definitely made things a little easier.Let’s just say it was quite difficult for a group of us to muffle our chortles and snickers.Here’s the story:

2 first-year students decided about 40 minutes into class that they would go to Tims to get a coffee. My instructor who will be a lovely comedic addition to my row of courses for my final term halted them because they had to cross in front of her lecturing.

She returned to their seats and {to make things worst} they explained that they had been awake since 12 {this is where I assume twelve equals noon} so he’d been awake for three-hours-and-forty-five-minutes versus most of the students in the class had been awake since 5am. {Wow, buddy, you got a lot to compete with}

Well that’s it. The boys did not get their Tims and we all enjoyed a good laugh at their expense. Sorry boys, next time bring the coffee at the beginning of class.

☮ & ♥



One thought on “Another Day of Classes

  1. That was the highlight of my day as well. I also love the fact that they were pretty much the only ones to admit to never having worked in their life. haha!

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