“List 3 countries you’d visit and why” [taken from DailyPost Topic List]

Alright… So I figured I’d do some snooping and see if I can find something to write about that has nothing to do with school– however, I must say, I do have to do homework soon since I managed to call in sick at work leaving my manager to fend for herself; I feel guilty because I wish I didn’t have to have done that this morning. I’ll make up for it tomorrow when I show up.

Let’s see… the three countries I would love to visit {even if I’d already been there} would be:

1. Africa. {Oh damn that’s a continent}

This is where I’d like to go {one day}

Definitely one of my top priorities.

However, apart from the fact that I have been friends with a lot of people from

several countries within this beautiful  continent.

{OK so sue me, I wanted to seem interesting}

I’m dating a man from Africa and I would love to absorb so much about his culture and

become inspired by observing a lifestyle that is so much different from my Canadiana roots.


2. Europe. {Wait, that’s a continent too…}

I really need to take a geography class again haha

I once made an amazing landing in Paris, France was absolutely taken aback by everything;

I would love to go back, not only to see what I’ve already seen but to see what I’ve never seen.

Maybe get lost or go for a bike ride. Just something that I could not do with an entire group of

students.I’d love to go to the land of my grand-parents; Germany. I want to see the sites and

see what my grand-parents might’ve seen. So much to take in and enjoy and get another

stamp on my passport for a fantastic trip. There is so much within the continent that I’d love to see,

experience, taste and just overall enjoy.

3. Thirdly… I guess just the movement of going anywhere. I love adventure and if I could see the world,

I’d be most happy. To enjoy the entirety of God’s greatest gift: Earth.

You can’t go wrong with just wanting to explore the world and enjoying something that may not be there the next chance you can be.

So here’s my question to you:

If money wasn’t an option where would you go and what would be

the greatest reason for being there?

☮ & ♥



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