Due Date

{At this moment} I kind of want to cry. I’m on Facebook often enough to keep up with the most recent news of my friends {or at least the ones that are on my friends list} And I think I’m just having a hard time right now adapting to the idea that there are a lot of — well several of the women on my list are pregnant.

Yuppers. They are. One of the girls is a student who is in my program at school. Her news to the world was:

Size of an avocado, growing strong and healthy.

Another is a girl whom I met during one of my brother’s football practices, our mums worked together once. She just recently announced:

Heard the babies heart beat go thump thump and all is good in the world

It’s almost depressing. Here’s a quote from a girl I knew in high school:

Got some good news Mr man should be here by Sunday =] Fingers are still crossed that the dr is right =] come on baby !! i love you x2 xox.

Notice these announcement can be quite depressing. Well– at least for me since I would love to be at that same point in my life, but I’m not quite ready to take on motherhood and be a student simultaneously. So far– apart from my friends who are due the ones who have given birth in the last few years equals:

approx. 6.

There are so many people that I grew up with that are pregnant, were pregnant or are too young/old to giving birth and have children or older siblings giving birth.

Yes, I’d like a baby– but when is it my time? That’s what I’d like to know. When.

☮ & ♥



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