Beauty at its Finest

This  beautiful green mosey {mossey?} photo I found. It’s beautiful, yes? {this is where you just nod and smile} I will tell you why I like it. It’s green and looks untouched by man. Apart from the fact that it could’ve very well have been photoshopped and could’ve looked like a completely depleted, unnourished and well-harmed bunch of bushes; the color may have been emphasized and things would’ve looked bleak beyong belief. But, alas, here is the photo of something seemingly calming.

Every once in a while if I am not pleased the recommended daily topic I will be going through my random links on my Stumbleupon account. I’ve found pictures, links, news postings, recipes, and just random tidbits. It’s like ‘Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader’ only better?

Alright, time to get ready for class.

☮ & ♥



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