“It’s time to vent”

Today’s topic is giving you the opportunity to vent. I’ll try to keep it short, but let’s just say there are a lot of things that will annoy the crap out of me! Is it so wrong to avoid doing these things on a regular basis? I’ll list them off in no particular order as they are all equally disruptive and irritating and in some cases you would just love to scream at the targeted person to be ‘x’, act ‘x’, etc.

Dragging your feet while wearing Uggs {or just dragging your feet in general}

I don’t know how many people have noticed, but as soon as the chilly weather starts coming around this “supposedly” comfortable boot comes out of the back of his or her closet. Now, I realize not all footwear is easy to get used to or is awkward, but does it honestly need to be an issue for the entire season? {I think not} In all honesty, you should be able to tell when you aren’t walking properly especially when you no longer feel a solid sole — at this point you’re probably walking on the actual material of your boots. What the heck!? You aren’t in grade-school anymore, you should be able to wear your footwear properly. This rant also applies to anybody wearing an open-top shoe, flip-flop sandal, kitten heel or even just a square-heel like on a cowboy boot; all these styles should all not be dragged around. It’s the most unappealing sound that I could think of {next to nails on a chalk board}. I could easily understand if your heel “clicked” the floor a couple of times, by accident, but if I have to hear you walk the entire length of a hall-way with that noise following you closely it’s just a sure indication that you aren’t walking like an adult. Yup, that’s right, I’ve called you a child.

You’re the customer. I’m the sales associate. I know the rules. Sorry, you don’t seem to

I work part-time for a well-known retail company known in Canada and let’s just say, a lot of policies that have changed aren’t always easy to convey to a long-standing customer who has been told a lot of things in the past and are shot down because something has changed. For instance, there were mixed signals, miscommunications and an abuse to the policy ion regards of returning certain items. As of last fall, our corporate office changed the policy so that all customers were told the same thing. Of course, even if we thought we had covered the entire country with the same story we still get random Joe coming in saying he bought such-and-such item in ’07 and they would like to exchange their item.
For one thing, the policy was changed to 100 days with or without a receipt and obviously he’s long passed due. And he’ll argue saying that he was told forever. Personally, I have no issue being blunt, so the guy who says “forever”, I just look him in the eyes and say “There is no such thing as a well-worn item lasting forever” or “There is no such thing as forever”, call me a pessimist but it’s the truth! Or the customer who informs me that their buddy/coworker was able to do it at another store and I say that I had no control over how the other store weaves through the policy. Or even better: the customer who claims to have bought an item 1-2 months ago but has no receipt. I look the item up in our system to get a price and the price comes up as $0.01. Yup. So either:
a) you lied about the time you purchased them or bought them when they were already a discontinued/clearance item or
b) you stole them or found them in a dumpster or at Value Village and decided to trade them in

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