What Tech Can’t I Live Without?

Here’s the thing, I’m sure with a bit of weening I’d be okay without any of my surrounding technology. I realize this topic isn’t meant for the allowance of bragging rights and I’ll try to avoid sounding like I own every piece of technology {which I don’t} but, to start, here’s a few things that I own that I could live without:

Just to start of small I’ll say the “chip” these silly little pieces of metal that serve no purpose, still can’t protect you {I’ve been victimized first hand} and there still is no real solution. My debit card my credit cards they all have them, I’ve had to have my one credit card replaced because somebody charge some XBox Live thing 4 times! And now I have to fill out paper work and answer the same questions over and over again and hope to help them “improve” on their quality of security. Granted. The company noticed something weird and denied my card and called me to figure out what was going on, but still! the chip cards aren’t the greatest thing in the world, they need to stop being so heavily worshiped by shoppers, banks and other companies and… {now I’ll move  on to the next piece of “tech” I can’t live without.

Another small piece of technology, my cell phone. I don’t own an iPhone or an Android, it’s nothing super fantastic or take great quality pictures {however, I think versus my previous cell LG Rumor, the pictures are fantastic!} These days the requirement of a phone is so extreme. In a lot of parts of the world the cell phone is sometimes the only phone a person will own. I know I do, and I never leave home without it. Here’s a story as to why it’s a good idea:

Before I moved from where I was to where I am; where I was had a really big problem consisting of taxi drivers and a couple of young girls late one night (this happened several years before I moved away) but a taxi driver picked up a couple of girls and started driving them towards, not their destination, but his which was a few kilometers out of town. One of the girls asked the driver where he was taking them and no reply, she decided to call 911 and left the phone close yet unseen as she continued to ask the driver where they were going the police traced the call and went to the location that was coordinated on their GPS catching more than just one driver but several drivers all waiting for this guy with the girls.

Yes, this is extremely disturbing and if there was no cell phone there would’ve been bigger problems. Another reason to have my phone is to make important phone calls. Less important calls. Text and keep track of time. I own a Samsung Gravity.

Televisions: Yup, I said it! Actually I can live without it, but it’s just easier to own one because that way I can connect, my Wii, my boyfriend’s XBox 360, his PS3 and what ever other little gadgets we buy to connect to it. I bought an awesome TV second-hand from a friend of my boyfriend we got at great “bargain” it just didn’t include the remote. Which is no big deal, we bought another remote for it and voilà good as new. Now it comes on at least once a day. That way I get to watch Cesar Millan without any interruptions.

My laptop, as it does sometimes bug up, I don’t know where I would be without it. I think computers as a whole is really hard not to get by with in Western society of the 21st century. Being a student everything needs to be hand typed. My keyboard buttons are fading and some of my letters don’t respond as quickly as they should, but at least I own one, that way I can hook up my point-and-shoot camera and my iPod classic. I own a Dell Studio 1749, it’s fabulous and I wouldn’t want another for the next little while anyways.

Alright, that’s pretty much the extent, I guess other things I couldn’t live without is stuff like a refrigerator, microwave, electric stove– but like I said before, if I had no other choice and had to live the “old fashioned way” then so be it. Cooking food on a fire or gas stove {which I’ve done} isn’t that bad and there are ways to have a fridge without it being electrical {underground root cellar anyone?} Entertainment was more social years ago and music was homegrown. Quite honestly, I don’t think I’d have an issue going back a few generations, I’m sure it could’ve been easier and less stressful then than it is now.

☮ & ♥




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