Work Rant

Just another day at work

I wish I could say this. Personally, if I were to have anything that close to my face it’d be a ranting; thinking they can convince me to slip past the rules set for staff so nothing goes wrong. Why are customers like that?

I work retail, as some might know and it’s just something else when you see the reaction customers get when your smile isn’t big enough or the fact that you don’t have the right amount of change in your til because you were handed a 100 bill within the first 20 minutes of the store being open. Or there isn’t the right item on sale.

I’ve had customers get upset with us because over Boxing Week because they expected our Industrial clothing to be on sale or clearance. {Sorry, but the chances of that happening are slim to none. Here, let me show you our nice casual clothing, I know the perfect color for you}. Or we have get promotional deals occurring via corporate standards and they don’t send enough freebies or the promotion isn’t properly explained that the coupon that was connected to your flyer is necessary at the point of purchase in order to get your free pair of socks {I don’t care if you left it on the kitchen counter, get your butt in gear and go get it, come back and then I’ll give you the “cookie”}. There’s also the fact that we were bought by another company and people look at the little plaque on the side of the building and their all “oooo maybe I can get this here instead, I mean things would definitely change if they were bought by THAT company” unfortunately, that’s not the case for us. We aren’t about to carry lube, spare tires and fishing tackle just because we were bought by such-and-such company. We will still only provide comfortable casual and industrial clothes as well as proper footwear in order for you to get whatever job done safely. People are never happy with these statements.

I think people are just hardwired to dislike the word ‘No’.


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