You Wanna Know What Really Gets My Goat?

So I was looking for a topic for today’s post and I ‘StumbleUpon’ an article of different ways to be creative with you writing. Also giving ideas on what I could write about. This morning I will be writing about:

My Greatest Pet Peeves:

– Typos: Obviously some typos are unavoidable or easily missed but others are just over the top and quite disturbing. There are online dictionaries, paperback copies as well as thesauri and any other spell checker you can think of. Let’s just think of it this way, if you aren’t sure, look it up!

– The Overly Repetitive: I know some people whom unintentionally repeat themselves on a near weekly basis. At that point even though you’ve heard the same story more then 3 times you can’t bring yourself about to actually tell them that you’ve heard it more than once.

– “The Story Teller”: I believe, as a student, I deserve to get exactly what I paid for and that consists of 99.9% education from the professor who has not only gained personal experience throughout their working lives but went to school to gain the knowledge you can’t gain on the field. Therefore, students who can’t seem to keep their “true stories” to themselves for a large portion of the class winds up becoming very not-so-beneficial to the others surrounding. I may not be perfect but at least my thoughts are small.

– Lip smacking.

– “Cow-like” Gum Chewing.

– Swearing-like-a-sailor-when-it’s-not-necessary.

That’s all for now;

☮ & ♥


What’s your greatest pet peeve?



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