An Ideal World

Thought this picture would be ideal considering I’ll be quoting a post by a blogger that believes in a real world we should have the ability to get paid for what ever books we desire to indulge in. Which I agree, minus where she wants to live {Vermont? Colorado?} I’d stay here in Canada, but that’s just me.

I want the opportunity to unboundedly read what I want to read, without time restraints or pressure to deliver a fantastic review. At said job, there would be no rules, no limits, no timelines, no expectation of results, and certainly no dress codes (yay for reading in your pajamas!). {Read more here}

Yes, this would be perfect in an ideal world.I on the other am close to that opportunity and every day I get a step closer to it as I come to a near to my practicum for school as well as my career choice. Who wouldn’t love to be surrounded by books all day? “I would! I would!” {screams the little library tech in my head}

Not much else to say but I’ll throw this question out there:

In your ideal world, what would make it perfect?

☮ & ♥



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