An Observation in the Life of ‘Nym’

Generally, while riding the bus, I like to observe. Not in the creepy, stalking way either; just catch glimpse of somebody or something that would keep my interest. This time around it was the interaction of two different generations with, what seemed, as generosity gone wrong. And that is what brought me to this question or possibly conclusion?

Have the elderly grown to become more disrespectful to youth? Having witnessed the courtesy of a woman in her mid-twenties offer her arm as a support-bar to an elderly woman who seemed to need a hand, since she had scooted her way next to the young woman readying herself to stand from their bench. After spotting that the young woman offered her arm, the elderly woman (to what it seemed), smacked or pushed down the young woman’s arm away. As this was merely observation; the young woman displayed a face of shock like if something unexpectedly had just occurred {and I don’t think it was because the old lady said ‘thank you’.}

So the question is: have the older generation lost the ability to judge generosity and sincerity of the giver? While working retail, let’s just say the sweet-old-lady demeanor is longer apparent when it comes to certain things.

Have the elderly become no longer adapted to receiving this kind of sincere aide without asking for it? According to an instructor Generation Y have expectancies in getting whatever they’d like almost whenever: the whole thing is set so high, does this mean Gen. Y no longer has the ability to set aside gratuities of graciousness for others without expecting anything else in return?

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