3D Movies- hype?

Dear ‘Film industry’,

3D is no longer a major hype! It’s unnecessary and if the movie has no special appeal to evven a 3D film a 3D film then it shouldn’t be there anyways and should just be a regular movie and I don’t need to spend $30+ for two people to enjoy.


Boyfriend and I went out over the weekend to and enjoyed two movies. They were great! Except for one thing, they were in 3D and {guess what} they didn’t need to be. Sanctum {James Cameron} and Green Hornet. AWESOME! movies. I liked them, a lot.

I’ve become increasingly annoyed with this whole thing about 3D, there’s no longer anything special and there is nothing different except you seem to experience blurred vision of the background when you aren’t wearing the glasses.


What do you think?


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