Top 10

I love lists– listy- list-lists. So, here is a list that seems to be always updating only because there is always something new to add and it helps when there is so much gigabyte space available to play with!

Here are my rules and you’re welcome to always modify them.

Connect your iPod/ MP3 to your computer and pull up your media player and tell me what are the top 10 most recently played songs.

Not so difficult, right? Let’s make it even more interesting:

Tell me why they have been played so often so recently.

Heehee. Have fun! Here’s my list.

  1. You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You – Michael Bublé
  2. Hold Me – Brian McKnight
  3. Against All Odds – Phil Collins
  4. Making War in the Heavenlies – Ron Kenoly
  5. How Low – Ludacris
  6. Jolene – Dolly Parton
  7. Too Pretty – State of Shock
  8. Stupid in Love – Rihanna
  9. Temperature – Sean Paul
  10. Paparazi – Lady Gaga

Here’s a bonus song only because I love it so much! Party All Night (Sleep All Day) – Sean Kingston (I would highly recommend it for anybody who likes big bass music while driving {I know I do}

Now I hate to break it to all my readers but none of these songs have any kind of meaning it was just the way they came up while I had my iPod on shuffle and none of this music has any significant meaning to me. But ask me what my 10 most played songs are on my iPod and I would definitely let you know or least played {Heck!} I’ll even make an alternate post on shortest songs, non-played list.. and this list could go on and on.


☮ & ♥




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