Happy Music

Oo I was kind of looking forward to posting about this topic for one of the most recent [Postoftheday] topics. But now that I think about it– this topic is going to be tough. As I’m typing this I’m listening to a Youtube video called Bollywood Girlz {I realize that’s probably not the real title of the song} I’m noticing right now a lot of my “happy songs” are in another language that I don’t understand with high, up-beat tempos that only naturally hype your endorphins or “neurophins” or whatever gets activated naturally when something makes you happy.

I know several years ago as well as recently I resort to Ill Nino when I’m angry. When I’m looking to relax I try listening to classics, Yiruma or David Sides something without words. When I’m driving I like Sean Kingston or Nikki Minaj or any other similar artists. When I’m feeling in love I’ll listen to Phil Collins or Brian McKnight and a few other of those guys. But now that I’m thinking about my “happy music”, maybe I don’t have anything specific. Perhaps it’s whatever strikes the mood.

However, when said mood seems to strike I find it very difficult to find more music of the similar tempo that would keep me just as happy. You would think with 3500+ songs on my iPod I’d be able to find several suiting tracks but apparently it’s difficult. I don’t wed my music very often so the collection builds and hopefully I’ll be able to properly build a lovely playlist consisting of my happiest music.

Anyways, I’ll end this post with this song; no, I don’t understand a word, but it’s nice and relaxing and I’m super tired haha

☮ & ♥



5 thoughts on “Happy Music

  1. Here is a list of my favoriate songs: Do You Remember – By Jay Sean, When I Look At You – By Miley Cyrus, Wonderful World – By Sam Cooke, I Want to Hold Your Hand – By The Beatles, Get Back Up – By Tobymac, A Little More Country Than That – By Easton Corbin, Walk This Way – By Aerosmith, For What It’s Worth – By Buffalo Springfield, Speedin’ – By Omarion, Nothin’ On You Bruno Mars] – By B.o.B, Hit the Road Jack – By Ray Charles, Wake Up Little Susie – By The Everly Brothers, Halfway Gone – By Lifehouse, Life After You – By Daughtry, Folsom Prison Blues – By Johnny Cash, Family Affair – By Sly and the Family Stone.

  2. talking about songs you don’t understand.. here is one which i don’t understand.. but i still love it(well i can understand what the girl is saying but thats just two line sso it doesn’t count.) and the song is also about two people falling in love even though they don’t speak the same language!

    • You’re welcome and thanks for visiting.
      I would definitely have to promote a bit of foreign flavor– I may never understand it but it’s definitely a good time. Turkish, Hindi or Bollywood pop music is always fun to listen to every once in a while.
      If you ever need any recommendations let me know {I could always make a post about it} 😉

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