I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

“Is it true?”

“Who’s in the next room?”

“What’s that noise?”

“What do I need to do in the morning?”

Please shut that dog up.

*Grumble grumble {and so on and so forth}*

These questions are either repetitive or more in depth or just on a whole other level. But I can  guarantee that  these questions; not just questions but realities that arise almost every night. My mind is like an active hamster wheel. Constantly squeaking away. There’s no set time as to when my mind will stop being active and just allow a few hours of deserved sleep.

Today’s given topic is about what keeps me awake at night. Reality easily keeps me awake at night. Day to day problems. Work. School. My relationship with my boyfriend; my parents; my friends. I’m sure my list is endless.

Other things that could potentially keep me awake is the fear of having a nightmare repeat itself. It doesn’t happen anymore; it used to happen when I was little and I would tell myself to think of unicorns and rainbows and pictures without guns and violence falling asleep with my yellow elephant lamp on. It worked! But now dream catchers and happy thoughts don’t work anymore. My boyfriend’s words of wisdom and his calming voice work– sometimes.

My sleeping pattern now consists of waking up at least once a night doesn’t matter for what reason.

☮ & ♥



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