Longest I’ve Gone Without Sleep…

I remember back in high school, my graduating year, I participated in a wake-a-thon which started around 5-6pm and was done at 5-6am the next morning and than I had to go to work.

The wake-a-thon morning I had been awake at 6:30 to get ready for school and was awake for the entire day {no naps}

Sleeping Beauties @ FotoLoji2

studying and attending class. After classes I went to a friend’s place and we relaxed before the big evening. Once the time had come for us to head over to the school the hours into the night started getting so messy and you couldn’t remember anything. I do remember not being able to shower and wound up washing with a wet paper towel. I got all dressed up for work and caught a bus to go downtown.

I would nod off but not actually fall asleep. I believe in the long {I can’t remember much} I was awake for a little over 30 hours.

When I got to work I was falling asleep within the first hour of standing on my feet. I waited until the first group of coworkers would come in and I would make a grand escape to go home and sleep. Unfortunately, I’m not much for doing what I say in terms of getting sleep done and actually went and met with a friend who drove the same bus who drove me down to work in the first place.

It was an interesting two days, and I’d probably do it again if I had to 😉

☮ & ♥



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