My Magic Tree

I have a a magic tree.

It’s a beautiful tree.

I grew it myself, you see, from a tiny seed; to a sapling;

and planted it from pot to fertile soil.

nayein @ the PhotoArgus

Initially, I never knew it was a magic tree.

I bought its seed in a pack with 20 or so others,

no others grew to this magnitude and beauty.

I have a magic tree.

Just like any other tree, it loses its leaves in the fall and blossoms little buds in the spring.

My tree has acorns.

These acorns do not fall; autumn or winter; spring or summer, these acorns refuse to fall.

I found out by chance and a little luck, my little tree had a special talent.

My little tree was not just a tree, it was magic.

My magic tree was able to grant me what I wanted.

Each acorn would grant me something different.

But I learned, my little tree came with circumstances;

I could not abuse the power of my tree.

The tree would only allow one wish to be granted a day;

The wish in question was not to be negative or badly influence a person.

This is the story of my magic tree.

The greatest little seed to sprout to sapling to tree that a young girl could ask.

Unfortunately, several years my little tree was destroyed in a terrible fire located in the forest where I planted my tree long ago.

Now all that is left is the memories of my little magic tree and it’s gift giving wishes.

☮ & ♥



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