Favorite Class in Post-Secondary

Marley, Damian

Today featured topic for Daily Post is Favorite class in college however since I’m attending university {although I know it means the same thing}

mine would have to be one of my first year of my program which was web design.

It was fun and I learned so much from the teacher, and I learned things quickly {my teacher hated me for that} The same teacher I would argue with in another course he taught.

Web design; lots of fun. I got to create a weird blog/advertisement about a company by these 2 fictional characters. We had to make a background, create tabs, and extra pages. {that was the final project} One of the other projects was creating a “website” for your favorite band/artist. I did Damian Marley. Check him out!

Anyways, I’m done.

☮ & ♥



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