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A two-week update

Okay, so here’s a compilation of what’s happened in the last week {and I should’ve taken a picture of the outcome of those potato pancakes}

*NOTE: don’t leave peeled pancakes in the fridge overnight without leaving them in water*

Yup, that’s what happenedI had to pretend nothing happened– but being my first time, I never expected these things. 16 potatoes peeled, 11 grated and I didn’t count how many were made.

The picture on the right is an example picture I found on Google that best describes the outcomes of my pancakes, only darker.

{Oh boy}

Now for the next big thing.

— {pause for effect} —

I had all my finals done and over with within a week. I’m so excited! I passed a cataloging program I was doing through SAIT; I ended with a C. I know some of you “hard-core” edumacators are probably saying, “A ‘c’? That’s it? I can’t believe she’s happy with a C.” And I tell you this fair edumacator, when you fail the course the first time, anything better than an F sounds better. So yes, so far so good. I’ve received final grades for Cataloging and another for Systems Analysis– and even though they haven’t given me a final grade yet, I believe I passed my other cataloging course as well.

All that’s left to do is my month long placement at the library that I chose and I’ll be done and set for graduation.

{So excited!}

So lately all I’ve really been doing is doing some tidying, as I’d love to be to get my room {and the remainder of the apartment} looking liveable. As my boyfriend is nearing closely to his move-out date at his current flat, he has been bring stuff to my place. Let’s just my bed is now three-tiered, which is scary and somewhat wobbly.

But anyways, you’d think that with me having so much time on my hands now that I’d be able to keep current make a daily post– or set something up for the following day, but nope, I manage to check my Twitter (TaintedVampyre), my Facebook, and I’ve even been playing on an old Neopets account. {Yes, I’m just that classy} But as I type this it only seems logical to write for ten minutes and schedule a post for the following day or something.

Well either way, I’ll think of something. I’m now officially done this post.

☮ & ♥



If you aren’t allergic to peanuts try this:

Heat a prying pan, spray some Pam to avoid sticking

Break an egg (sprinkle cayenne pepper and little salt) and allow to cook, flip egg to cook evenly on both sides

Slice of brown bread, spread some peanut butter

Once egg is done fold egg in half allow to cook a couple seconds longer and then

Put egg on the bread, fold bread to make a sandwich and voilà!

It’s yummy, you should try it 🙂


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