Topic #115- What was your childhood job?

Alright, so I went through a phase in my childhood, it was like every new grade came a new job choice or aspiration. I decided around the 4th grade I wanted to be an opera singer because I was under the impression all fat people became opera singers. I believe before that I wanted to be a dental hygienist like my aunt. And a year or so later after the fourth grade I made a decision up until the 8th grade that I wanted to be a veterinarian. Alas, none of those things never happened, here’s what I learned throughout my life to make me change my mind:

Katherine Jenkins

Not all opera singers are fat. Some are very thin

or average size, it all had to do with your lung power.

I don’t like the idea of looking in to a strangers mouth on a regular

basis. Regular? Sorry, I mean, every single day!

Dr. Dolittle?

And I still love animals, and I wish I could pray hard enough for every suffering animal of the world to just heal and forget that anything bad happened to them. But I don’t have the tolerance {or school grades} to suck up the fact that they are badly injured, mentally, physically and emotionally, to deal with the blood and gore of physical pain just to cure what ever they may have. I still love animals, like I said, but I will try to do something else for them instead of revive them.

So that being said, I’ve officially accomplished two years of post-secondary education as a Library technician. And I’m content with my accomplishment and it’s just a matter of finding a job that will get me further with it.

☮ & ♥



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