Sunday Events

I realize I haven’t been keeping completely up-to-date with my mission to post daily or even weekly for that matter. But I promise I have a good reason, well actually I don’t but this post will have pictures!! And no, not ones that I snagged from the net. My own, true-blue pictures.

This weekend has been a busy one. Between arguments I was taken on many adventures around the city. Saturday the groomsmen all had their hair cut and ‘tashes/beards trimmed (with the exception of one guy who had dreads and the salon didn’t have enough time to tighten them– takes 2 hrs?). Come Sunday everybody was starting to panic. The “Oh nos, it’s my wedding day” thoughts were coming up.

The ceremony was supposed to start at 1pm, but of course, what wedding ever starts exactly at the appropriate time. I didn’t get pictures of the ceremony, but I do have pictures from the reception of the bride {minus veil} and she looked beautiful, although, everybody looked fantastic. The vows were also amazing. Written by the bride and groom, the vows kept making me think, although I had tears building up in my eyes I held them back until I could escape to my car and burst into tears there. The bride was emotional and the groom was klutzy, as he nervously dropped the ring. But otherwise, the whole thing went really well. I know God will be a great guide for these newlyweds, and I look forward to when they start having children. {They’re going to be adorable!!}

Between ceremony and reception I had enough time to do groceries.

At the reception, which started around 5pm I was seated with a group of random people, I nearly cried just for the fact that I don’t like to always be put in those situations. And the fact that I hadn’t really seen/been with my boyfriend all day I was getting antsy and anxious. Needless to say at some point I got up and walked up to the bridal/grooms party table to spoke to him. I felt kind of at ease, even if he didn’t seem to be. But he looked super awesome in his tux.  He also gave me the flower that was pinned on hi collar; I’m trying to figure out the best way to preserve it, so it’s sitting in my fridge. I was excited about that, since I didn’t get any of the special things the other guests received at their table placement because I was too new and, potentially, didn’t deserve to receive any of them. I think there was a rolled up calendar with pictures and dates of the couple. Still a nice thought.

**Side note**
Reason I might’ve been crying a lot more than the average person should at the wedding is: Everything that was happening was almost me thinking I’ll next have the chance to experience this. I want to be married, I want the same things they were going through– I want to open a new chapter in my journey of life with somebody I truly love. Overall, I think I was afraid. Afraid that at my 21 year old self will never gain the experience to earn the privilege to walk down the aisle and be witnessed by God and guests from far and wide of me marrying somebody I have agreed I could see the rest of my life with.

I wish I had a picture of what I wore to the wedding/reception, I think I was potentially one of the most modestly dressed women there, for my age group anyways. I managed to finally find a black skirt which cuts just below the knee. So, black linen skirt, a white linen button up shirt and my black patent heels. Earlier in the day I sported a black wool shawl {I think that’s what it is called} but either way it did well to keep me warm-ish considering how windy it has been lately.

I do have pictures of what I did with my hair:

Overall effect was almost crimped. Crimped and curled. If you’re curious on how I did this little ditty, I can definitely link you up to where I found the idea.

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