Helping the Homeless

In Canada there seems to be a difference between homeless and unemployed. Because to an extent, I don’t believe that somebody who doesn’t have a job but has the ability to work but chooses not to and goes through debt collectors and loses a lot for their irresponsibility should not be supported. I hate to say that they put themselves in that situation. But there are circumstances where feeling the need to help a fellow Canadian because they lost their home due to the irresponsibility or miscommunication or something dramatic happened in their life– I don’t know there’s a lot of ‘buts’ in this scenario.

Granted the coined term “Do unto others as you would like done unto you” is a factor, but how far are we willing to go to help others who are very capable of helping themselves but haven’t moved more than an inch from the concrete they plopped their bums onto?

A friend of mine posted on Facebook once that they witnessed a homeless asking for spare change and seconds later had a cell phone in their hand. Should we be helping these people?

Personally, people will act deserving but they are the ones who you know are looking for change, empty cans and bottles just so they can collect enough to buy another mickey or buy a cigarette off a stranger.

Homeless adults are less vulnerable and they know full-well that they are capable of getting themselves out of the rut they dug but choose not to do a thing about it. The government will support them. The community will aide them; give them shelter and free food from a church basement. There are clubs and programs and groups that work together and raise funds for people who act incapable, but are perfectly able to fend for themselves. The only help they may deserve is somebody to help them build their resume or maybe help them find a job or rehab.

I don’t give much sympathy to the adults who put themselves in that situation. Sure, I’ve given $.50 here and there to somebody who has asked, but otherwise, I avert my eyes from theirs and keep going on my way avoiding to be strategically manipulated by a junkie looking for their next hit.


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