God’s Ideal World

I’ve read all the way up to Judges, I’m almost done that chapter and I’ve put together some pieces that I think would make up some of “God’s Ideal World”, however, please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, these are clearly perceptions and you are welcome to throw in your own input.


In an ideal world, everybody had their place in life. Women knew they weren’t to out-speak the man; unless their a harlot and in those cases they could do what they pleased as long as they knew the consequences of their actions could result in something deathly. There will always be beggars and thieves, these people are the ones who have given up and have chosen a life of wrong-doings. Men get to decide who their wives are to be, and it’s up to the parents to get the woman of their sons desire.

Slaves were not permitted. Or at least they weren’t to wear jewelry and advertise their captivity.

Not a lot of meat was eaten, but flock and stock were kept mostly for sacrifice. However, I’m sure a lot could be eaten if the ideal world was less likely to sin and just listen to what God has to say and believe in what is said. Alters would be risen and sacrificial offerings may occur less often because God wouldn’t be insisting on the burnt offerings to cleanse people of their sins if there are none to cleanse.

Sinners will always be put to death. There’s no lifetime imprisonment. There’s no– well, there might’ve been– public lashings or humiliation. Persons or people were stoned to death for their wrong doing and there was no argument.

In an ideal world, everything is closed on the Sabbath, except for the church. Which all shall attend and learn the words that God has spoken and hear the stories that would enable others to grow. And for those who aren’t sure which day the Sabbath falls upon, it’s the Saturday.

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Anything to add?


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