A Twist on Suicide

suicide. by porridgegoblin via DeviartArt

Some people use suicide as their way “out”. They think their life is so difficult and there’s nothing that can be done to change it. I think these are also the people who stopped praying once they moved out of their parents house, although, some teens, still living at home do commit suicide for the wrong reasons. Granted cutting one’s wrists aren’t the answer either, it’s a temporary relief from the pain that they are trying to avoid feeling again. Has society become so self-involved that when somebody says “I need help” all others avert their stare and replying with a comment like: You’re being over-dramatic. I can say I was one of those kids, I never said anything, but morally I avoided cutting my wrists or committing suicide or even running away from home!

I couldn’t do it. My conscientious judgement always told me not to do it. Even to this day, I get “urges” but I don’t play on them.

My personal thoughts from my youth in the thoughts of suicide:

– What’s everybody going to say?

– What is happening that you really need to get out that quickly?

– You’re young.

These similar thoughts came about when I thought about self-mutilating myself along with the additional comments like:

– Are you going to be able to hide those?

– What if something goes wrong?

– Can you live with the reminder of the scars?

I guess I managed to survive by keeping diaries. Yes, I was one of those little girls who took up writing by narrating their day in a book about

everything related to

Dear Diary by Iza8 via DeviantArt

life, love and sadness. I think I eventually named my diary. But that was later in life when I decided the phrase Dear Diary sounded impersonal.

I’m not crazy! I think a lot of kids to teenagers who grew up with problems they thought were way above their head and there was no way out have considered the alternative option. It’s just a matter of thinking versus acting on it.

I also watched a movie called Thirteen around the same time I was at the age of 13. It was one of those realizations of what I was going through, and {if I remember correctly} I was thankful I didn’t live in a big enough city to become surrounded with such a lifestyle. I wasn’t naive, but I definitely didn’t think kids my own age were doing some of the crazy stuff these practically pre-teens in the movie were doing.

Now back to suicide.

Did you know dolphins can commit suicide? Yes, I’ve seen it. Not face-to-face but I was watching a documentary about whaling, The Cove, by Ric O’Barrythe dolphin

trainer from the Flipper series from the 70’s? 60’s? Anyways, an activist who tells his in-site and explains certain things about the dolphin being so close to a human character that you wouldn’t realize that they would actually do such a thing. But they have! It’s sad. And I would recommend you watch it for the sake of also seeing what other problems are happening in the world.

But to sum up what I’m trying to say:

Don’t commit suicide if you don’t need to. Don’t leave the world behind before your expiration date. If you are still able to, get help. There’s always somebody who is there. I may not have gone and sought out the help I needed, but I think my ability to avoid potential problems is quite different of a coping mechanism that others may not share.  So, if you’re unable to cope the same way, I think seeking a professional even a really good person and God to help you through your times of trouble.

There are people out there that are so much worse off than you. Why should you have the easy way out?

☮ & ♥



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