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Guest Post: Wrath

Post by blogger Rashmi Kamath

from blog Rashmi Kamath: my non-dramatic, non-happening life!!

i entered the lift and kept my soaking wet umbrella down. i was
drenched. but that was ok, i was almost home and i could sit with a
cup of hot chocolate and look at the rain outside my window from my
favorite armchair. it had been a long day, and i was beyond tired. i
reached my floor, gathered my stuff and hunted around my purse for my
keys. there was a flash of lightening and the thunder followed. it
scared me. even though i had lived alone for the past 17 years, i had
never been afraid. but that day – i was. but i shrugged the feeling
off and opened my door. ah!! the comfort of home. i dropped my keys
into its basket, turned the corner and – i saw him. well the first
thing i saw was the light shining off the barrel of his gun. he was
sitting in my armchair with his eyes closed. he smiled and said, ” i
have been waiting for you, for a very long time.”

i could feel the fear shooting up and down my spine. my hands were
cold and my brain froze.

i gulped and replied. “yeah.. i guess i had this one coming.”

silence followed.

he finally said,”so.. am i just supposed to kill you now?”

“i guess..”

“no apologies? no pleas? no explanations?”

“i don’t think so..”

“so you killed my baby daughter because you had nothing better to do??”

i didn’t reply.
“thanks to what you did my wife left me, i turned into this vengeful
person who didn’t think before doing, i became a hit man just because
i wanted to find you, i have had this searing pain in my chest for the
last 15 years and you have nothing to say????”

i still didn’t reply.

“fine, if that’s the way you want it.”

i looked right into the muzzle as he placed his finger on the trigger.

but he didn’t shoot. i looked at him and he said, “last chance.”

“i was aiming for someone else.”
and then it went off. i fell to the ground and i could see my blood
oozing out of my chest.

yes, i was not the victim here, he was. he had lived his life based on
wrath. wrath that i caused. why was i trying to shoot someone? that’s
a whole other story..

as i felt the life seeping out of me, i looked at the rain outside my window.


2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Wrath

  1. Very nice. I can’t top this writing.
    For me, my dramatic, soon-to-be-happening life!!! And i will be the one aiming.

    • Thanks for the comment. Please check out Rashmi Kamath’s other posts on her blog @ rashmikamath,

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