Let’s see how many of my readers actually take time to participate in something.

I’ve been feeling very “sharey” lately and I’m wondering if you are too!

Tell me something interesting. It doesn’t have to be a story heck it doesn’t even have to be a paragraph. Two or three words might be all you need.

I’ll start first.

I’m in love

PS This could be an opportunity to advertise yourself. Try ‘r out!

☮ & ♥




2 thoughts on “Share-a-thon!

  1. Life is very tiring right now, and its throwing a lot of work my way. but despite the late hours, i’m loving the challenge!!!!

    p.s. – congrats on being in love!! 🙂

    • Thanks. I hope your workload gets lighter.
      As for the challenge I hope others take advantage of it. I think it’s a fun little something else to write about 🙂

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