Your Greatest Idea

Alright fellow readers,

I’m glad you’ve been watching me attentively but I need your help. Give me your greatest suggestions.

A topic. A story line. A video to rate. ANYTHING!

I’m all ears, I don’t always like relying on Post-a-day for a topic idea and lately my mind is drawing blanks on what to write about, so– I turn the blank pages to you. Give me an idea to work with.

I beg you, don’t make it vague. Nothing like:

– “Write about something you don’t know about…”

– “Make me laugh…”

But I’m sure with your creative minds you can help me be amazing.


I will be happy to promote your blog. I will give you credit for my post.

Let me know.

Bonne nuit!

☮ & ♥




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