Short Story

A Night Under the Stars

We’ve been driving for hours. I don’t know where we’re going. I don’t want to know. I take his unoccupied hand and lean my head on his shoulder. He takes his hand and wraps it around my shoulder, I move closer to him on the front bench of his little pick-up.

The sun was setting, we’d been driving on the long stretch of highway for the day. We just drove. Where are we going? I’m not going to ask. The silence between us is so lovely, I just cuddle closer to his body as I enjoy the peace, the breeze coming through his open window and music playing on the radio; it sounds like ‘Fireflies’ by Owl City, but I could be wrong. I didn’t bother asking if he knew the answer, the silence was just too beautiful to give up over the song on the radio.

There are barely any other vehicles sharing the road with us. A few small cars heading in the opposite direction. Where are we going? The question still hadn’t been posed, I’m still not in the mood to care. By this point the sun had nearly disappeared and I fell asleep.

I wake up at some point, and I see the headlights shining onto a few trunks belonging to several pine trees. We’ve stopped. Lazy eyed, I sit up and look around. I hear the crackling of a fire pit. I look through the back window and see the fire burning. Sparks being spat into the night sky. I surveil the area, looking for him. Where are we? Where has he gone? I open the passenger door of the pick-up and walk towards the fire. As I approach my destination I spot a small tent, a red cooler with a white lid and through the corner of my eye I see him. He comes walking out of the brush with an armful of wood. He smiles at me and I can’t help but smile back.

He sets the wood down close to the fire and pulls out some collapsible camping chairs and then a few blankets. He offers me his hand to join him in sitting in front of the fire. I take it and sit.

He kisses me kindly on the cheek, I start to blush. He reaches into the cooler and pulls out an apple and a paring knife. He cuts the apple and offers me a piece. Realizing I hadn’t eaten all day I graciously accept the offering. We remain silent, munching on the almost endless amount of goodies he continues to pull out of the cooler.

Words are mute as we enjoy the rest of our night under the stars. Holding each other tight as we stare into the flicker of the orange and red flames.


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