Lookin for… Ideas!

It’s truly, very difficult to find a topic when your life revolves around job hunting. These passed few months all I’ve been doing is working, cleaning, sending out résumés, cooking and sleeping. It’s hard for me to find inspiration. I want this blog to continue! I listen to the radio, but personally I haven’t heard anything worth while starting an argument about. I mean sure there’s your odd thing where under your breath you might sigh “About bloody time this happens” or “WTH!”. But other than that, there’s nothing interesting.

So here’s what I’ve done on random days.


Yup. I’ve been stumbling. If I see something interesting, usually a great photograph, I will write about it. Or I’d find a quote to go along with it. Or if it’s a great quote of poem, I’ll find a picture. However, stumbling can be quite tedious, and sometimes you could find nothing. I do usually check out the Post-a-Day suggestions, but alas, you can’t allows think of something to tag to the topic. I know I can’t.

I also try to seek ideas from you. Yes you my faithful readers. Or possibly new visitor. I try to encourage a discussion, but I think you’re all afraid of saying something. Here’s the part I don’t understand, even if you don’t like the topic of the post, why not say something? Simultaneously you’re advertising your own writing skills. What more can you want from that? People who visit me see your comment and could potentially wind up going to your blog and therefore potentially enjoy reading what you have to say more than what I have to say. Granted you’re stealing my readers but what ever. Enjoy! I’ll get new ones. {Just sayin’}

Anyways, here’s a lovely picture I just found, and please feel free to say something! I don’t bite even if you nipped at me.

☮ & ♥


Long Exposure Photograph

Found @ Buzzfeed.com



One thought on “Lookin for… Ideas!

  1. haha!! i’m not really scared that your going to bite me or anything. Its just that I’ve been a little busy with college and i had to cut down my blogging time. You will see that even on my own blog the frequency of posts has decreased a lot. And so has my reading and commenting on other blogs. Its sad really, that i have to sideline something i love doing so much for something i have to do. 😦 Anyway, happy job hunting!! Hope you get one soon. And yes, i love discussions too. So if you have something in mind please start one (on this post itself i guess) or comment on my blog if you want.

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