Truth Hurts, but the Point Gets Across

Relating this text to the last one I posted in regards to my issues with my ASO has, more or less, been resolved.

I spent a good half hour discussing my issues with my manager and we’ve dwindled it down to:

1. She lacks the proper ability to speak to a person when asking someone to do something.

2. (This is my assumption) That I need to quit jumping to conclusions.

I know these aren’t much for lessons, but I think for the most part is things may go a lot more smoothly if she realizes that if she asks politely or uses the right tone and has better timing when making the requests, she’ll have a better response by people (namely, me).

Now other things were discussed which are directly unrelated to the situation, but I can definitely say that I just feel the need to just try and relax more and make a greater effort at trying to get people to communicate with me and not so often with my manager.

I found out my ASO wasn’t pleased with the way the organization of my work environment had become disorganized, more and more, since I’ve started. But nothing was ever discussed. I’ve worked very hard at making things work, but apparently people have a great amount of expectation when the distribution center is shipping several more pallets and without the right amount of space on the floor it all winds up coming to the basement where I’m obligated to relocate stock to make room for more. It’s difficult but hopefully with this cage-move life will get easier and more organized, seeing as I’ll be privileged to more space.

Only time will tell.

Peace. Love. Smile.


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