Growing up my mum was always doing something. Because it always seemed that she was in and out of jobs because of where we were living jobs were short so income was primarily relied on to my father. So when my mother was home she was always being crafty.

Before I was born she used to paint. She had a lot of fantastic talent that I wish life didn’t get in the way, because I’m sure she could’ve done something with it. She also used to craft. A lot! We would participate in annual Christmas craft shows within the municipality as well as sell Watkins products. It was always a lot of fun helping mum out and seeing friends and family come to our booth and make small-talk and possibly buy a small home-made gift my mum would put a lot of hard work into.

I used to help my mum. Whether it was just crafts for the holidays or ornaments she was making as a gift, or the huge blanket that They come in a range of sizes depending on the task.she made on a loom for my cousin as a wedding gift. Something I helped with the hemming and some of the production phase.

My mother also didn’t just make awesome home decor, she also used to make my dresses when I was young up until I was in the third or fourth grade. I had a favorite, but I wore them all with a pride that can only come from knowing that you’re wearing something that nobody else could have. Something unique.

Another thing my mother used to do a lot of between jobs was baking. She always stuck to a routine of food that was made but when it came to baking, she knew how to do it. Pies. Cakes. Cookies. Tarts. A sweet-toothed child could not be upset when you walk through the front door and get a whiff of something sweet.

When I was child even into my teens, I never thought of being that kind of mom. I had no interest in baking, sewing clothes with nothing but a pattern and some material, or creating art with a hot glue gun and some glitter, but now being in my early-twenties and have witnessed a lot of my friends from grade school; my friends from high school all starting to give birth, or just get married. It has my brain in a frenzy.

My first year of university, I had a random epiphany that I was going to sew onesies: for babies. I’d never sewn anything in my life. I’ve sewn buttons back onto shirts and patches onto pants, but I’ve never gone to task of finding a pattern, trace, cut and sew it together and successfully put things together and make a lovely, wearable item. Of course this idea never fell through, knowingly I was living on campus in a single room dorm with a bathroom and the kitchen was not separate from my bed or study area, so having space to set up a sewing nook wasn’t going to happen. One of the many reasons I wanted to move into an apartment the following year instead of living on campus, along with less restrictions.

Obviously students don’t have much of a chance to save money, so I wound up in a one-bedroom apartment with, again, not much room to craft in. But I’m determined now!

Since my recent birthday and a coworker being pregnant I’ve come to want to be that mom:

I want to be the mom who bakes regularly, healthy snacks.

I want to be the mom who is always thinking of her next craft or sewing adventure.

And what better time to start finding patterns than now?

Is there anything you never thought you’d wind up doing and now want to, let me know!

Also to all readers looking to branch a little bit. I am accepting guest posts. Check out my g-post page by following this link.


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