Alert! The New Year is Coming!

Okay, so post-a-day has been a complete flop, on my part. I definitely can say I did not post as frequently as I would’ve liked to. Did you succeed at properly participating in this little post-a-thon?

It’s not completely bad though. I know I learned a lot of things this past year that I think I can now come to terms with sharing or summarizing for you, my followers and readers, of what I’ve noticed about my writing habits and topics of 2011.

Nothing is ever “short”. I never have something “quick” to say. Even if I take something from another website, it still seems to be quite lengthy.

Love quotes! I will either post a picture that had a quote photoshopped on to it or just snag a nice quote I read somewhere or I’ll quote the Bible. All of these are important. Just like the people who said them.

Pictures. I like using photographs as pictorial references in my posts. Especially if I needed a photo to go with an awesome poem or haiku I found.

If I have nothing else to say, I just use StumbleUpon.

I guess this is really all there is. If there was more, I’m sure you would figure it out from my past posts.

Anyways, I hope every body is feeling anxious to see what my next request from you is. No? I didn’t think so but I will send out this proposal and question and we’ll see what response I get.

Would you like to broaden your scope of readers?

How about doing a guest post on The Musings of Mnemosyne?

Just check out the submissions page and follow the instructions.

☮ & ♥  in the new year



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