Photoblog / Work

Day 4

This is not a picture I took, sorry.

I did not take this picture, but imagine this picture with, times, 6 more 'Boos'.

Okay, so today we received a large amount of TY plushies called ‘Beanie Boos’. My store has been waiting for their shipment, for what feels, like a month and I was very excited to bring these little buddies in and watch them sell like hot-cakes all over again. I kept looking at them telling myself I was going to take a picture of these awesome little plushies (I think I will take one tomorrow just to demonstrate how many there were.

Relevance of these plushies? Don’t you hate being stared at by, what feels like, a hundred pairs of eyes? That’s how it felt. Working at the airport it always feels like I’m being watched. It doesn’t help that there are cameras– everywhere! Always watching you. Watching your every move. Making sure you’re staying out of trouble or places that you shouldn’t be in. It’s a little unsettling.

Anyways, while making my delivery of these plushies I stopped by to visit a friend and while we were talking there were people who were interested in giving me the price value (minus tax) of $5 for one of these plushies! I was tempted to just conduct my own little “on-wheels” service throughout the airport but, alas, it’s not something I should be doing and told people they can find them in the book store.

I finally brought them up, almost convincing my friend to buy a pink and a brown monkey for a matching couple almost signifying he and his fiancé, but he made up some excuse about not having the cash.


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