Day 5

Alright, I am not driving when I took this picture. In fact, I had just turned it on.. cue the fact that my coolant gauge is still on the “very cold” side of things. But I took this picture to point out the weather. Yes, I realize you don’t get a true picture of what it’s like outside because it does no justice. Yesterday it was 8 degrees celsius. Today, even after the crappy weather we had, it is 1. One degree celsius. Above freezing level! And the sun was shining brightly in all directions even though this morning it was cold, wet and just plain miserable. The wind felt like it was going to push you over– like I said miserable.

How’s the weather where ever you are?

And here’s that picture I promised yesterday of the “million sets of eyes” staring at the you with big glassy happiness. Love ’em? I do… And it’s too bad that I didn’t get a better picture of the giraffes because they’re my favorite ❤


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