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Okay, so I’ve been busy and I can’t seem to find anything interesting to make worthwhile publishing. I promise! I am keeping my eyes peeled for all those interesting weird things that this city has to hold and, possibly, keep secret from people like me.

So here’s what I have… I’m sorry if they’re super boring, please, bear with me! I’m sure something will come up.

Something's missing

So I took this picture while driving. Actually I think I was at a red light, still a big no-no by Canadian driving distraction laws. Anyways, it was beautiful out, mildly warm for today’s time of year and look what’s missing. Canada and January always hand-in-hand and produce only one thing: snow. See the white streak close to the patch of trees? Yup, that is basically the extent of the snow that we have. Little patches or streaks of white scattered over the ground. It’s nice but… it’s January!!

This was the final view.

My boo was picking me up from work on my very last shift (Sunday) at the airport. I thought I’d take advantage of the situation by taking a picture of the night sky. I realized that my poor camera, as much as it takes great pictures, is terrible at focusing on something that is billions of miles away. Needless to say, the big bright white thing in the sky was a full moon, the only moons (sky-wise) that I absolutely love! The bright thing in the right hand corner is a vehicle coming up a ramp and I’m honestly not sure what that other bright light is. (Was somebody taking a photo of me?) Oh, and the orange one is a street lamp.

My H2O bouteille

See this bottle? It’s a pretty full bottle. I believe 2 and a half of these bottles is equivalent to eight 8-ounce glasses of water. True story! I started a new diet and let’s just say this bottle rarely ever leaves my side. I bring it to work. I use it as a regular drinking glass at home. It comes in the car with me. Anywhere I go, “Reduce” comes with me. Let’s just say, my bladder does not appreciate the thrill I take in drinking so much water so frequently in a day.

One of the first cards my boyfriend ever bought me

Another day. Well, I randomly took this one to keep track of days. Yes, this one is to replace a picture I couldn’t take because somebody decided they were going to pull into the parking lot next to me. So I think I’ll try to snap it for tomorrow’s update! Anyways, about this card: This is the cover of a very lovely card my boo bought us around the time we first started dating which accompanied a religious card but this one I hold very close to me. I look at it daily to remind me that even through rough times he still loves me (or vice-versa)

I love our love story…
the ups,
the downs,
the twists
and turns,
the love that keeps us together through it all…
And I love looking back to the day we met,
remembering all the sweet moments that
are forever in my heart.
I love knowing that time has made us stronger
and brought us even closer together…
And when I think of tomorrow,
wondering what out love story will hold,
I know it will be wonderful for I’ll be sharing it
with you.

– quote from a Carlton Cards product

peace & love readers



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