Day 12 Through 23?

Wow. I’ve lost complete track of my personal project! Kind of sad but I’ll keep working on my “thing”.

Bowl of Citrus & a Plantain

As part of my diet, I have to take half a lemon in hot water every morning and then there’s the oranges that I don’t eat regularly but they’re pretty to look at. As for the plantain– well, that’s my boo’s.

Oh hai, Mr. Icicle!

I took this picture on one of the coldest days of January. This formation of an icicle was on my window– on the inside! Actually, this was part of the pane that is in the middle part, but still– this is ridiculous. I couldn’t see out of any of my windows all of last week. The city surpassed temperature records and I was still walking to work. Brrr!

LOL @ Your Library

I took these two pictures yesterday. “Decision Making Model” made me laugh, since it involves the rock-paper-scissors method with a few extra things thrown into the mix. Then there is “Laugh Out Loud @ your library” which I found and purchased from Value Village. It’s a little boys tee shirt that I intend on making into something, haven’t decided what kind of project it will be converted into, but something will come to mind. It’s also a lovely coincidence that I find this shirt because I’m a graduated library technician. Enjoy! Pictures soon to come of an end result of the tee.

So these 3 pictures I took today, see I’m trying to catch up! Since mum has given me her sewing machine I’ve been super, duper excited about getting a project started. Yesterday I did my shopping for some decent shirts that I could recycle into a neat little item. On my way to the check-out I spotted a ladies tank-top; grey with white dots and super stretchy. I washed and folded it so that it would be ready for use today. Here is what came with today’s project. I’ve had a spool of dark grey thread disappear on me twice and, as you can see, a lovely cat perch her curiosity on my barely-even-started project. From what you see in the first picture, she heard me cutting or making some kind of noise. The second pic is her deciding that the material was a good resting place, of course that should never last long. And the end result (last picture), a 5-braid headband. In reality it’s a little sloppy but really decent for a project I haven’t done in a while.

Interested in making yourself or somebody you know a unique, one-of-a-kind headband? Here’s the link: headband.

Peace & Luv;



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