Day 26 & Day 27 (with some extras)

Alright, so I’ve lost track of days and it’ll get worst once this month is over. However, here are some awesome pics I’ve take in the last few days and I think that’s how I’ll do things is instead of a day-per-day kind of thing I’ll just take lots of photos and post them and see what you guys think!

My New Pattern Book!

Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones. My new book I received yesterday and am totally excited! I told an old coworker that I would make her a diaper bag and Amy Butler’s design had some great online reviews. So I’m super duper looking forward to finally getting started– next week, hopefully. I also intend on taking a whack at the booties and an outfit or two that is also in the book, I’m excited, can’t you tell?!

See what I have to see all the time?!

Let’s put it this way, dieting sucks. Especially when you have all these little “fast food” shops that you could easily stop in and buy your entire days worth of meals. But I can’t. I “restarted” my diet and hopefully this time I can take things seriously. I’m making 2012 MY skinny-year. I’m really excited. I spent a lot of money today to prove to myself that this is serious. New shoes. New shorts. A new music device (since mine died). New workout DVD for the days I don’t want to go to the gym.

I’m looking forward to making things different. I will be keeping a record of my progress under my 2012 resolutions page. You should check it out, maybe I’ll be able to help you =)

My weakness.

I took a couple of random shots while waiting for the light to turn green and here’s what I’ve caught.

Random Floating Bag


River Valley Sights


I think it's a hotel.








Alright guys, these are my random pics from the last two days and hopefully I’ll be posting more in the future.

Also, I wouldn’t mind getting some guest posters! Please let me know at I’d be totally flattered and honored to have somebody new and exciting to add some flavor to this place.

Peace & Luv,



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