Life is Dandy

So, the fact that I have a really great, lax job I still feel unaccomplished in what I had set out to do two years ago. It’s been nearly eight months since I graduated from university and, to say the least, job availability is not the most fulfilling.

Worked two dead-end jobs afterwards to barely afford living proper. I know this seems like a typical application for a post-graduated student but things just must not remain. So, applying for numerous jobs before I graduated and then continued for approximately three months afterwards and I receive a call- or was it an email- either way I received a sign from a company where I submitted two resumes for two different positions and they agreed for an interview.

The interview went terrible since the interviewer never showed up and it seems like nobody was able to get a hold of him. But no big deal, I took this as a point that I needed to move on and continue applying. However, my support system suggested I do otherwise and call the company back and ask if they were still hiring. Fortunately, as much as I was told they were putting a freeze until after the new year they agreed to see me that very day. Even though I was grubby I agreed to come in for a second interview. I was really happy since they agreed to hire me immediately even though I wanted to put in a formal two-week resignation notice.

Now I do the math and this job is definitely more capable of giving me an opportunity to start saving more money because less of it is spent on gas, which is an awesome thing!

It has now been a month of working from 3pm to 11pm and, let’s just say, it sucks. I suffer from dry eye, lack of some kind of socializing (I’m surprised I haven’t started talking to myself– yet) and I’m just bored. And as much as people tell me that this is what I signed up for, I never argue, because it is true. I did apply and agree to work there. And in the beginning it’s all beneficial but now it’s just me looking for my next opportunity even though if days before I was talking about working there for a little longer in order to gain some kind of experience and stop making my resume look like I was a “jumper”.

I’ve said all this and now to get to the point of my post. Due to all the boredom I’m going through and applied for another job. It has fewer hours but pays so much more! Temporary full-time and even closer to what I went to school for than anything else I’ve applied for. In the back of my mind I’m anxious because applying for positions with this particular company is difficult because they are a very “popular” group of companies to be hired into. They don’t require my diploma but they do require my years of customer service experience, which I believe I can deliver.

I’m hoping to hear sometime this week or the next whether I have been accepted for an interview or denied of the job. I suppose I should consider this as my prayer, because I could really use the job– since gaining experience anywhere is quite difficult.

Peace & Luv;



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