Weight-loss: A Tragic Story

Tomorrow will be day one of my weight loss goal incentive program. However, for some unknown reason, I still wind up being a complete porker when it comes to eating food that has nothing to do with my diet.

It’s a guilt thing afterwards, I look at myself in the mirror. Or after I finish the food I’m eating and then realize I made a really big mistake. And for some unknown reason I’m lacking complete self-control. I’m still posting motivational pictures but I can’t seem to make them my reason for being “good”. It’s frustrating and I’m hoping if I continue to drink a whole crap load of water and drink my tea, it’ll help at least make some kind of different when I weigh myself tomorrow.

Yes, I’m a person who weighs myself. I feel that I don’t benefit from my goals if I can’t see the improvements and not in a physical sense. I’m not weighing myself every day– I’d drive myself insane. But once a week. Every Monday, I will weigh myself; track it and hopefully eventually I’ll be able to motivate myself into thinking that what I’m doing for myself is not worth wasting over a chocolate bar or some salty crackers.

I dunno guys. I’m hoping to lose the weight… I just keep praying for help in controlling my random binges on certain foods that I really don’t need.


When I say “binging”, I don’t mean that I’ll just eat and eat and eat and then do something unhealthy by vomiting afterwards.


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