Photoblog / Pinte-Tried


Alright guys,

I’m sorry. I’m a terrible photo-blogger. I’ve spent too much time in front of the computer and not enough time outside my computer or workplace.  Here’s a few things I have taken pics from the last, if I remember correctly, two weeks.











I don’t know why she was so thirsty but let’s just say, I originally checked to make sure that the toilet was flushed before she was to continue dippin’ her tongue in the bowl.

My cat’s crazy that’s all I have to say. Some days she’s a pissy-bean, like she has been this past week. And other days she’s very cuddly. I don’t know, I think my cat’s PMS-ing heehee

I received my awesome package from Asia! I say Asia because I can’t remember what part I ordered these items from.

It’s a DIY iPhone case. If you like to cross-stitch and full of ideas, this would be a fun little idea.

I bought two different colors, because I intend on possibly making my mum two different designs and she can be all fun and individual while everybody at her workplace with an iPhone has their generic cases.

This is the beginning of a neat little design I started on the pink case last week.




This is the case (with flash). A green heart and I’m thinking with either yellow-toned vines or something else, I haven’t decided yet. Anyways, hope you all enjoyed these pics. Once again, I’m sorry for not being active.

Peace & Luv;



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