Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
Phil 4:6

Every time an argument or discussion comes up between my significant other and I comes about it usually has something to do with the “state” of our itty-bitty one bedroom apartment. I can say that it’s not a total disaster but I can definitely lament that there is much room for improvement.

I’m not perfect! I’ve learned this two ways: easy and hard. But I’m always attempting to thrive to reach this point.

Today, and possibly the last and every other month, I will a great job on keeping on top of dishes and then all of a sudden the dishes situationexplodes! I do not own a dishwasher and after a very brief discussion a long time ago there’s no chance in the world I’ll ever get one when we move out– we’ll see, there’s always a small light at the end of the tunnel where a dishwasher might happen (NAWT!)

Anyway, back to my current situation. Dishes. I’m almost done a week’s worth of piled high dishes to which I’m constantly picking through every morning before breakfast, when I get back from my first job, before I go to my second job and sometimes even when I come home for my dinner break! How many dishes can two people really mess up? A lot, apparently.

After today’s mess I’m trying very hard to focus on cleaning dishes after each meal instead of every evening. Especially after the big soup pot gets emptied. All I can do is pray for persistence to beat this messy battle.

Other messy conundrum is keeping the rest of the apartment clean– actually, not clean, organized. I’m constantly trying to keep things tidy, but everything keeps exploding. I usually just wind up picking up an item and bringing it to the appropriate room and push out of the way. It seems to work. I do a major organizational haul on laundry day (Sunday). That’s basically 4-5 hours of organizing before I go off to work.

Ugh. All of this being said, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Peace & Luv


Oh wait a P.S.!

Any great plans for Easter weekend?


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