You Can’t Get More Itchy from This

Originally it was just a slight, light scratching at the surface. Nothing to worry. Light taps that a person could easily ignore. You walk into the same building preparing yourself to be doing the same thing like you did the day before and the day before that and so many days previous to today.  You sit down at the same desk and possibly in the same chair. You read your emails. You make sure that the task you are already well aware was being assigned to you is still being done. You prepare your work surface and you begin.

Things start off well, but you feel unease by your surroundings. As the afternoon progresses into early evening the mood changes. The radio station changes. The volume gets louder. Or “griddier”, the way the static filters through the antenna creating a nervous feeling in your system.

You try to ignore it. But the sound starts to get louder. You send a message to a coworker via small post-it note with the word “Whoa”. I knew what this night was going to be like. I could feel it. Another coworker behind me turns up their music which blares from her ears to mine. You let out a sigh of transparency that nobody really gives a crap about who else may be listening.

I’m seriously just contemplating on leaving. Going home. Sometimes I wonder, is the money really worth the ultimate boredom and irritants this job provides me?


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