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I Just Like Food- Diet Blog

I Just Like Food- Diet Blog.

Have you had difficulty regulating your weight or sticking to a sensible eating plan? Do you explain to yourself, or others, that the reason you’re overweight is simply because you just like food a lot? Many people believe that emotional eating is just about eating to relieve uncomfortable feelings. But that’s only one part of it. Another aspect of emotional eating is operating from a childish, less developed part of your mind. I call this part The Rebellious Self. This is the part of you that says it just likes food a lot.
I love food!
Like a child, the Rebellious Self wants exactly what it wants to eat, in the quantity that it wants it. A child on Halloween will keep eating candy until they get sick because it tastes so good. They don’t consider consequences. They don’t think about rationing their loot to last longer. They don’t think about their teeth. And most importantly they don’t really want to be reminded by anyone that there is anything wrong with the fact that they eating candy after candy.

If you hear a voice in your head that says the reason that you struggle with your weight is because, “you just love the taste of food,” you know The Rebellious Self is having its way with you. If you want to lose weight there will be work to do. You’ll have to help your Rebellious Self grow up.

1. Who’s the Boss?

The best way to face your Rebellious Self is to show it who is the boss. The word “discipline” actually means to teach or guide. By lovingly guiding your Rebellious Self towards good choices you will start to feel more empowered. You will no longer be ruled by your impulses. And you can still eat delicious foods but in a quantity that is sensible.

2. Being an Adult is the Best Kept Secret

As you help your Rebellious Self grow up, you’ll find a new-found freedom as an adult. Sure, adults have more responsibility but they also have the ability to create the life they’d like to be living (including the body and health they’d like to have). Eating well will no longer arouse feelings of deprivation but rather feelings of power as you realize you are creating the life you want.

3. It’s Okay to Enjoy Food

No one is telling you that you can’t enjoy the taste of food. Food is meant to be savored, but after years of listening to people, I can assure you that the twentieth Oreo cookie doesn’t taste better than the second one. Eat what you love but do it in a sensible way.

There are dangerous things that people may love to do. Speeding in a car. Texting while driving. Drinking excessively. However, the mature part of you knows that there are consequences to the actions that we take. Love food, but love it in a way that respects your health, your well-being and the lives of the people who love you.


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