Pinterest Cleaning Tips

Hey everybody!

I decided to try out  “cheapskate” “magic” tub and shower cleaner. I was skeptical but still tried it out.

I found this little recipe on Pinterest through a friend and followed the links back to the original source. Fantastic! All you need are 2 ingredients and a spritz bottle and 1 hour.

It’s a 1:1 ratio of liquid products. I’m thoroughly impressed with the results. Now, because I hate cleaning the bathroom I haven’t done it very often therefore resulting in a thick residue which required a little elbow grease, but according to the website you should be able to just take a rag after an hour and wipe the surfaces clean.

TADA!! By the way, the dark like in the ‘after’ picture is actually a mix of water and shadowing, I didn’t miss a spot (heehee)

And there you go guys!

A very quick efficient way to clean up all the water and soap residual build up. Now to go do the bathroom sink and I’ll be done!

So that I have less paper flying about, I wrote out the directions on the spritz bottle with a permanent marker.

Happy cleaning 🙂


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