Hey everybody, so I just found this mini, unfinished article I started writing once upon a time. Tell me what you think!

It’s strange to know how passionate we feel until a question or comment comes up that makes us really wonder. I have realized what society has become and how little there is for one person to do to change things. It takes one person to think it, and to persuade one, or many, other people to help initiate the change. But as one person to be able to tell those people to believe in the same thing as passionately as you takes a lot of skill and talent to persuade the reluctant.

 Why has such a topic come up? A “treehugger” advocating less tree cutting usually uses large white Bristol board poster papers to send out their message. A person who talks about world peace and a “greener” world, winds up throwing out an item that could have been recycled. So many people have become hypocrites of the ad-campaigns.

 Green living, that’s what this had been about. Recently, on the news, if you haven’t heard, it took the President of the United States to practically intimidate the Prime Minister of Canada to attend Copenhagen. China’s PM admitted that Stephen Harper hasn’t made a visit in years. It’s bad. It’s so bad that it almost seems like government intends on making it worst.

 I was once told to “let Mother Nature care for herself”. Mother Nature must be extremely tired of being so self-reliant. Earth is rebelling! Why else do we have hurricanes and shortened winters? Because Earth is slowly losing a battle. Society has become a consumerist beyond expectancy. The government is corrupted and has probably decided to make “other arrangements” for a “Green Planet”, because it lacks the required support from others, or the public to keep such a changing evolution.

 Man has always tried to find the “cheapest” way out. Which winds up becoming the most expensive, pollution creating thing made.

I realize some of it doesn’t make sense. And it’s unfinished. But please enjoy and feel free to finish the thought process or argue it. Makes no difference to me. Aaaand GO!


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