365 Days Q&A; 5 Years

On my way home from work I decided to find a book that I heard about and was extremely intrigued by the idea of having a book with 365 assorted questions that you would answer with a sentence or two for the next 5 years. My theory is I don’t think I’ll be able to keep on top of it, but if I can, I’m sure I’ll be seeing my life make constant changes as my answers should (hopefully) vary throughout the years.

Yesterday’s question was “Are you wearing socks?” It’s so random! But I’m hoping there will be some better more in-depth questions that I may have to use an extra piece of paper to have more room.

I also decided that I want something like this for when I have children. “My First 5 Years: Q&A” or something to that nature. Because they always say the first few years of your childs’ life are the most important. But this one could be more “scrapbooky-type”, since you’ll have the option to include photos or possibly a lock of hair from that first hair cut. I’m sure there’s something interestingly similar to this! I’m bound to find it being the book worm-nerd that I am.


Picture taken from website “Love from Home“. nothing has been edited or altered in this picture.

If you’re interested in purchasing this little novelty check out Amazon.


4 thoughts on “365 Days Q&A; 5 Years

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  2. I’ve seen this book at indigo. Almost tempted to buy it. Have you looked back on it? I’m sure that when you look back, whether you were wearing socks will produce laughter especially if you included the details of how “fuzzy they were on that drizzly tuesday” Hopefully you’ll discover something that day and we’ll get to read about it =)

    • I’m trying to avoid looking back at my answers. Only because I want to say “Oh I couldn’t have possibly been thinking that way” in a year from now. I also try to prevent looking at the question for the following day. It’s difficult when you’re anxiously hoping it’s not such a simpleton question.

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